Connecticut-Produced Hops


Since 2015, Smokedown Farm and Pioneer Hops have produced more than 5,000 pounds of pelleted hops for Connecticut craft breweries.

Connecticut’s unique sunlight, rainfall and soils create unique aromas and flavors in the hops grown here. Our hops have been described by commercial Connecticut brewers as “fruitier,” “more intense,” “fresher” and “more interesting” than the same varieties grown elsewhere.


A major contributor to the freshness and uniqueness of our hops is our commitment to drying our hops as gently as possible.

In their delicate make-up, hop cones are more like rose buds than pine cones. The aromas and tastes that end up in your beer are a multitude of complex chemical compounds found in the hop cone’s lupulin glands. Many of these compounds are very volatile and are lost when exposed to high temperatures.

To retain as much of those compounds as possible, Smokedown Farm uses little heat and Pioneer Hops uses no heat in the drying process. Yes, this is time consuming and expensive, but it is crucial to preserve the unique flavors and aromas in Connecticut-grown hops.


All of our hops are pelletized by Smokedown Farm. As with our gentle drying, we closely control the milling and pelleting processes to preserve the flavors and aromas in every batch. Our pelleted hops are packed in 11-pound, Nitrogen-flushed, 6-mil Mylar bags.


We test all of our hops for alpha and beta acids. If you’d like to see any of the results from the 2016, 2017 or 2018 harvests, please drop us a line.


CONNcade® in the sun

April 16, 2019